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Christopher Geel

Managing Partner

Contact Information

Education & Distinctions

  • Emory University School of Law, J.D.
    • Pro Bono Award
  • Rutgers University, B.A.
    • Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence

Bar Admissions

  • South Carolina
  • Georgia

Awards & Recognition

AVVO 5 star rating Chris Geel
AVVO Rating for Chris Geel

Professional Profile

I have always enjoyed fighting on behalf of individuals, and my practice allows me to do that every day. I started out practicing exclusively in criminal defense and post-conviction work, and as my career has grown, I have developed an increased appreciation for other ways I can help protect others, such as Personal Injury litigation. I started practicing law in 2009 in a small suburb called Marietta, Georgia. Very quickly, I outgrew my original space and moved my office to downtown Atlanta, where I successfully represented hundreds of individuals in the Georgia state and federal courts. I later took a position with the Georgia Public Defender Council Appellate Division, where I represented clients on appeal and in post-conviction relief before both the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia, winning reversals for charges ranging from stalking and DUI to Aggravated Assault and Murder.

Upon relocating to Charleston, South Carolina, I accepted a position as a trial attorney with the Charleston County Public Defender’s Office. In that role, I earned dismissals of dozens of serious charges, ranging from drug possession to armed robbery. I also conducted numerous jury trials, winning an acquittal for a client charged with murder. Soon after, I made the decision to re-enter private practice. Upon my departure from the public defender office, I accepted a position with the Law Office of Christopher Adams, in downtown Charleston. There, I continued working on state court criminal cases, but also broadened my practice to include federal criminal defense, including federal appeals. After gaining valuable experience in federal court, I chose to start my own practice, with a focus on criminal defense, post-conviction criminal cases, and personal injury litigation.

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About Me

Why Do You Practice Law?

It’s my passion! It’s what I was put on this earth to do. There’s no greater feeling than helping people. When an individual up against the awesome power of the federal government, the state government, or even a big corporation or insurance company, it is easy to feel discouraged. I strive to level the playing field by outworking and out-thinking the opposition.

What’s Your Best Piece of Legal Advice?

Never talk to the police without a lawyer and do not hide information from your lawyer. Time and again I see people who have talked themselves right into a jail cell because they don’t know the law. Even small things like admitting you were at the scene of a crime can sometimes have you staring down a life sentence. Likewise, give your lawyer the information he or she needs to help you prepare your case. Just being accused of a crime is often embarrassing and stressful. That’s a very natural response. There’s almost no crime or set of circumstances that I haven’t heard before. There’s a reason lawyers are also called counselors. Good lawyers can securely guide you through the process, whatever you are facing. Tell your lawyer what they need to know so you can craft a defense from all angles.

What Makes You Different From Other Lawyers?

My demeanor and my strategic thinking. I’ve seen a lot of different lawyering styles and it has taken time to develop my own. I endeavor to be measured in how I conduct myself in the courtroom and during negotiations, and I also aspire to be more prepared than anyone else in the courtroom. I fight hard. I plan. I prepare. And I don’t play games. This straightforward approach has produced great results for hundreds of my clients.

How Has Your Background Been A Benefit?

I have an extensive background in post-conviction and appellate litigation. What this means is that I spend a great deal of time reviewing appellate case law, and thinking about how novel approaches to litigation might benefit my clients. My weekly routine involves consistent review of all published opinions in South Carolina, the Fourth Circuit, and the Supreme court of the United States. This practice allows me to track new developments in case law, and helps to give me an edge when arguing difficult issues in court.

Additionally, I’m a tech geek at heart. As a child I spent countless hours tinkering with a PC computer in my room. I have always been fascinated by computers, the Internet, and gadgets. In college I studied network engineering, and I have a deep knowledge of numerous technological issues that arise in litigation, particularly in criminal cases involving computers and the Internet. This type of expertise can often cost a defendant thousands of dollars in expert-witness fees.

Thank you for letting me share a bit of my background and skills with you. Give me a call if I can help.